Florida is more than the land of Mickey Mouse, beaches and tourist traps. Early Amerinds had been here for at least 10,000 years before the arrival of Europeans. It has contained settlements from the Spanish 300 years before becoming a U.S. Territory in 1821. People have been living, and dying, in this state for thousands of years.

During the Victorian Era, which saw the construction of beautiful cemeteries with ornate monuments in more settled areas, Florida was a very rough pioneer territory with very few amenities for the living! Very often, these pioneer families would bury their dead on the far reaches of their property. Frequently, they would hide the graves in fear that the Indians would desecrate their departed loved ones. Sometimes, during epidemics and natural disasters, there were just too many bodies to be buried individually.

Styles in cemeteries depended on economic and/or cultural factors. Some families were too poor to pay for a gravesite in the better location and a stylish headstone. Immigrants brought their burial and funeral practices with them. More personalized monuments seem to be coming back in style. Florida does have many very plain cemeteries; however, there are still those that are rich in funerary art objects. Both the decorative and the plain often have history behind them that needs to be told.

I am not necessarily doing this for genealogical purposes. If I do provide some genealogical information to a family that is searching, I am happy to have helped. My goal is to have photos from at least one cemetery per county. My criteria is simple: Is the stone itself interesting? Is there an interesting or historical story behind the stone? Is there a historical person buried there? This site will change periodically so keep checking back.

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Cemeteries of Florida

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